Fares portrait   Farès el-Dahdah
Professor of Architecture
x4754, Herring Hall 302


Melissa Bailar
Associate Director

Professor in the Practice of Humanities
x5968, Herring Hall 303

Projects: Digital Humanities, Grants and Proposals, Special Projects, New  Programming   


Lauren Kleinschmidt
Assistant Director
x2770, Herring Hall 304

Projects:Budget, Rice Seminars, Conferences, Innovation Fund, Masterclasses, Specialized Lecture Series

Carolyn Adams
Program Coordinator
x4227, Herring Hall 306

Projects: Faculty Fellowships, Graduate Student Programming, Workshops    
Ryan Bell

Ryan Bell
Outreach Program Manager
x3021, Herring Hall 305

Projects: Undergraduate Programming, Humanities Internship Opportunities, Public Humanities, Website

 Graduate Assistants

 Karen Karen Rosenthall
Doctoral Student, Department of English
x3021, Herring Hall 305

Public Humanities, including the Civic Humanists Program


Faculty Advisory Panel 

The HRC Faculty Advisory Panel is made up of ten panelists and the director. Panelists serve three-year staggered terms, and provide intellectual guidance for the center's programs. They also review the center's many applicants for fellowships and funding.     

Farès el-Dahdah
Director of the Humanities Research Center      
Professor of Architecture
2012 - present     


Melissa Bailar
Associate Director
Professor in the Practice of Humanities      

Carl Caldwell
Samuel G. McCann Professor of History
2010 - present     


Joseph Campana
Assistant Professor of English
2012 - present     

Anne Chao
Adjunct Lecturer in Humanities


Leo Costello
Assistant Professor of Art History
2012 - present    

Beatriz Gonzalez-Stephan
Lee Hage Jamail Professor of Latin American Studies
2012 - present   


Matthias Henze
Watt J. & Lilly G. Jackson Professor In Biblical Studies

Scott McGill
Associate Professor of Classical Studies
2008 - present


Alexander Regier
Associate Professor of English
2012 - present

John Sparagana
Professor of Visual and Dramatic Arts
2012 - present


Kerry Ward
Associate Professor of History
2012 - present