Past Workshops and Study Groups

2011-2012 Workshops

African Studies Workshop (ASW)   
Kerry Ward, Associate Professor of History (MS 42)  

 Americas Colloquium
Caroline Levander, Carlson Professor of Humanities, Professor of English,
and Director of the Humanities Research Center (MS 620)

Cultural Studies of Science and Technology (CSST)  
Richard Grandy, Carolyn and Fred McManus Professor of Philosophy (MS-14)

Global Hispanism Workshop (GHW)   
Manuel Gutierrez, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies (MS34)  

History of Philosophy Workshop (HPW)
Harvey Yunis, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Humanities and Classics (MS 150) 

Medieval and Early Modern Workshop 
Edward Anderson, Assistant Professor of Classical Studies (MS 150) 

Mind and Perception Workshop (M&P)
Casey O'Callaghan, Associate Professor of Philosophy (MS 14) 

Poetry and Poetics Workshop (P&P)  
Joseph Campana, Assistant Professor of English (MS 30)